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About Us

Welcome to ACTIVSTARS!

ACTIVSTARS is engaged in the instruction and training of cheerleading, karate/martial arts, flag football, and soccer for the active youth of America. In the 1950's Bonnie Hood had a dream to offer quality and accessible youth programs for young Americans. Unaware at the time, when Mrs. Hood began teaching baton classes to school age boys and girls, she started a family tradition. As she continued to teach, her quality instruction produced outstanding students and soon she gained interest from other children, including her own children. Mrs. Hood's class enrollment grew rapidly and sculpted the foundation of her organization. Currently, Mrs. Hood's children are carrying her tradition into the twenty-first century. ACTIVSTARS takes pride in offering the best possible quality youth oriented programs for all young Americans. ACTIVSTARS will continue to bring the highest quality instruction in the future! Plans are constantly underway for expansion and development. All ACTIVSTARS Instructors/coaches are hired locally within the community where the classes are being held. All instructors/coaches are screened and fingerprinted for extensive background and reference checks. They then attend an in-house training session learning ACTIVSTARS safety procedures, rules and regulations, teaching techniques and curriculum.