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Q:  What programs do you offer?

A:  We offer Martial Arts/Karate, Cheerleading and Soccer.


Q:  What is your age limit?

A:  Our Karate/Martial Arts and Cheerleading Programs are open to students ages 4-18.  Our Soccer Program is open to students ages 5-15.


Q:  How many classes per week?

A:  Our programs run one day per week for all semesters.  The day is consistent week to week for parent and athlete convenience. 


Q:  Does my 4-year-old have to be enrolled in School?

A:  No, school enrollment is not a requirement.  If the student is 4 or turning 4 within the month of enrollment they can participate.


Q:  Is enrollment limited space?

A:  We do not have an enrollment cap, if we have a large turnout we will modify the schedule to accommodate the registration count by either adding another class or night to the schedule.


Q:  Can I attend a FREE class to see if my student likes the program?

A:  We welcome new students to try our programs.  There is a $10 registration fee to attend a week along with a weekly class fee.  We have open enrollment for the first 3 weeks per semester.  If you decide that the program is not for you, you can discontinue attending at your discretion with no further charge.  We have no contracts, participation is optional! 


Q:  How many students per class?

A:  This ranges, our average class size is approximately 15-30 students.  Students are placed in classes with like ages and abilities to maximize comfort and support learning pace.


Q:  Are uniforms required?

A:  Uniforms are not required for week to week participation in our programs.  For our Soccer Tournament and Cheer Competitions team uniforms are required to attend the event, however the events are not mandatory to participate in.  Information on our events goes home with students about one month prior.


Q:  Do you provide transportation to weekly classes?

A:  ACTIVSTARS does not provide transportation to and from our weekly classes/practices.  Parents or a guardian are required to drop off and further sign-in students each week of attendance inside the facility.


Q:  Can we register for more than one class?

A:  We offer three programs, Karate/Martial Arts, Cheerleading and Soccer.  We encourage our students to participate in more than one sport! 


Q:  How do I register my child?

A:  We have two options to register,

1:  You can register in advance online

2:  You can register up the third week of the semester at the location directly.  Arrive about 15

minutes prior to the class/practice time to register.


Q:  What forms of payment are accepted?

A:  At each location we accept cash or check.  Most sites also offer credit card payment option by using square.


Q:  Can I watch my child's class every week?

A:  We have a special Security Policy at ACTIVSTARS, which is outlined below:

ACTIVSTARS SECURTY POLICY:  We take great steps to provide the safest, uninterrupted learning environment for your child.  We have designed a Security Policy to ensure our weekly classes are efficient and safe for all participants.  An environment with minimal distractions provides a better learning atmosphere, in addition to providing the safest learning environment for our students.    We invite interested parents to assist our instructor during class by acting as a Parent Helper during the instruction time.  Parent Helpers stay inside the facility to support the class and instructor. 

At each class Parent Helpers need to: 

on the Parent Helper Form

-       Be able to assist without distractions, do not have other children (younger or older siblings) with them.  Children (not enrolled in our program) are not allowed to stay inside the facility. 

-       Wear a Parent Helper I.D. while assisting during class given at sign-in

-       Be willing to assist with class functions as directed by the instructor.

Further, all parents are invited to watch the first class (registration night) and the awards program (end of semester). Additional Parent Nights may be scheduled pending facility and sponsor approval, your instructor will communicate any additions directly.

Note:  We encourage parents that have students with Medical condition or a disability to stay weekly with their child.  Parents are also required to inform the instructor and fill out a Medical Disability Form.


Q:  Is my child safe if I am not there every week?

A:  Yes, we have Security Policies in place to ensure our student safety.  This includes use of Door Guards to be sure the entry doors are secure as well as Parent Helpers to assist during instruction time.




Q:  How can I request a refund?

A:  AZ/TX- Contact the Accounting Department at the Arizona office 480.603.3780 


Q:  How can I pay for classes?

A:  You have the option of paying weekly for classes/practices or Pay for the full semester in advance, on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd week of the session.  You can pay online or at the location directly during check-in. 


Q:  How can I change the location my child is attending?

A:  Call the accounting office at 480.603.3780 (toll free:  888.904.4386)


Q:  How can I have proof of payment for court?

A:  If you pay cash at the location, request a receipt each time you pay.

If you pay with a card, Square payments can be sent to your email or phone.

If you pay online, you will receive a PayPal receipt




Q:  How do I place an ONLINE order? 

A:  How to shop for products online:

1.  Visit Click the “Store” link associated to your area. (Example: AZ / TX / Midwest *KS, MO, NE, IA*)

2.  Add products to your cart. Once you are ready for purchase, click the “Proceed to Checkout” link.

3.  Register/Create an account. Once complete, check your email for an activation link. Click the link provided. *If you can’t find the email, check your spam folder*

4.  Proceed through the checkout process. *You will be redirected to PayPal for payment*


Q:  What is "Priority Shipping"? 

A: You can choose to pay for United States Postal Service "Priority Shipping". You will choose where you would like to send your order. You will also receive a "Shipped" email with your USPS tracking number. Priority Shipping is 2-3 days. 


Q:  What is your fulfillment policy? 

A: Online orders are fulfilled in the order they are received. Allow 1-3 business days for your order to be fulfilled. 


Q:  How do I exchange or return merchandise? 

A:  Option 1: Bring the item to our office located at 16451 N 90th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

Option 2: Bring the item to your class location, ask your instructor to fill out an 'Exchange Form' and they will submit your item to us with the form. Once we receive the item, we send the exchange back to your instructor to have available at class again. *This process can take up to 2 weeks depending on instructor pickup schedule*

Option 3: Call the office at 480.603.3780 to pay for shipping and a return shipping label. Our flat rate shipping fee is $10 for exchanges. We would email you a return label to ship back your exchanging products, and upon receipt we would ship back to you the exchanged product. 


Q:  When will I receive my order? 

A: "Priority Shipping" orders mail out as they are received. Allow 1-2 weeks for your order to arrive at you address.