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Friday, 14 September 2018 18:32

Fall Shoe Drive

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We are excited to be part of this unique opportunity to help in a greater way and have the ability to MAKE A DIFFERENCE WORLD WIDE while running a Fundraiser for our Programs!

All you have to do is… ask your friends and family for what they already have in their closet - gently worn, used and new shoes!  The shoes you collect are not just shoes, they give a chance at livelihood that someone may not have had before.  The gently worn, used and new shoes you collect should be in good condition meaning that the soles are intact, they have laces (if necessary), there are no holes, they are dry and clean and they still have LIFE left in them.


If you would not give them to a friend, then they are not worthy to submit with your collection.


This Shoe Drive is important to ACTIVSTARS as it allows us to continue operating our programs at a low cost to students as well as offset our rising operation expenses.  Furthermore, your efforts will continue to allow us to provide Scholarships for families in need!


Students are asked to COLLECT their shoes from family ,friends, neighbors, etc. for the 1 MONTH we are running this SHOE DRIVE and have the shoes rubber-banded, bagged and ready for drop-off on their LOCATION drop-off date (exact date will be given per location soon)!  Please DO NOT bring collected shoes to your location prior to the scheduled collection date.  Hold on to them for the scheduled collection.

  • All styles of shoes are accepted (except skates)
  • The Clear Bags and Rubber Bands will be provided the week prior to your collection date to organize for drop-off
  • Please read through the Do’s & Don’ts attached



For 1 Bag of Shoes Collected (25 pairs):  Student will receive a set of BLUE light-up shoelaces

For 2 Bags of Shoes Collected (50 pairs):  Student will receive a BLUE Sneaker Keychain & light-up shoelaces

For 3 Bags of Shoes Collected (75 pairs):  Student will receive a BLACK String Tote, Sneaker Keychain & light-up shoelaces



- Texas Locations will KICK-OFF our Shoe Drive formally the week of Monday, October 1 - Saturday, October 6

- We will run the drive for the month of OCTOBER.  Students are asked to collect their shoes and HOLD ON TO them until their collection date at their location.  

- We will begin collecting (Assigned per location, date given) starting Monday, October 29!


We look forward to a successful SHOE DRIVE for ACTIVSTARS PROGRAMS partnered with Funds2Org and our amazing families!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018 21:32

Martial Arts-Karate Events

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We plan to host a Karate Tournament in the Spring 2018 Semester, currently this event is tentative

*The Tournament will take place in Houston, TX.  

*Houston & Dallas students will be eligible to attend!


No Fall Event Planned

Thursday, 31 January 2013 16:13


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Registration continues for the first three weeks for all programs. 

If you missed the first week of registration, call our office or look up your class times on our website. 

*Please register 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class time.

*Coaches and Instructors will have required items available at class for purchase. 

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 16:39

Karate End of Semester Belt Ranking/Testing

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Karate belt testing for all Karate students and locations will happen in December before the Holiday break.