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Dallas Soccer Game Schedules

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Classes will consist of a brief warm-up session and a game with two 20-minute halves and a 5-minute half time.

  Note:  Due to the odd number of teams, some teams may play 2 games in one day.  In this case, games will be played back-to-back.  The team that plays twice will have a brief rest period between the two games.  Students playing in two games may leave after the second game.  There will be no additional charge for the second game, unless the student is applying it as a make-up class session.


*Team Game Schedule assigned per DAY

Game #1:  Saturday, April 21

Game #2:  Saturday, April 28

Game #3:  Saturday, May 5 

Game #4:  Saturday, May 12

Game #5:  Saturday, May 19


Schedules for April 21, April 28 and May 5 are attached -- please review!