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NYAA Nationals Update 4.3



NYAA Nationals has been officially canceled for Summer 2020.  The full announcement is below for your reference from NYAA officials.


It is with a heavy heart that we write to announce that due to the continuing advancements of COVID-19, NYAA along with its partners have decided to cancel this year’s Cheer Nationals in San Antonio, TX. 

This decision was not made lightly, but we feel it is necessary in this time of financial & public health uncertainty. 

NYAA has not received any team registrations to date, if you paid your registration to your coach please contact your team’s local offices.

Thank you, 

National Youth Activities Association 


· The affiliates have been talking in meetings about how to RUN a VIRTUAL Nationals for our teams and athletes.  The full logistics have not been worked through, but the concept is that we would video each team in a live setting and submit that video to the NYAA judges panel.  We would all potentially run our virtual events at different times during the summer so the final placements would likely not be announced until fall start (September/October).


· Our idea is to potentially re-work the SEND OFF set-up and have that be our Virtual Nationals performance.  There would be a small fee per athlete to participate and this would become more of an event then a prep for Nationals, this would be Nationals.  If we can, I would like to keep this in July, but we will not know that for sure until we know what schools are doing and will allow for summer use.


· ACTIVSTARS plans to have a Cheer Competition this spring – summer still.   Again, we are in a holding pattern to know  WHEN we can get back into our facilities to practice.

The events will be pushed back…

Texas will not be May 2 -3

Arizona will not be May 9-10

*Instead they will be at a later June/July date.



– NYAA is trying to secure San Antonio for Nationals, summer 2021 but that is NOT finalized. The Convention Center has a pretty packed schedule already for next summer.  Once the location/venue for Nationals 2021 has been confirmed we will notify coaches, athletes and parents.

– ACTIVSTARS will not take current bids away from athletes and teams.  Regardless of the Virtual National piece, all teams that currently have BIDS for Nationals will KEEP their bids for Summer 2021.  The bid stays with the “team name/level.”

– Additional teams have the ability to “EARN” a bid as well for 2021, we will just send more teams.  The accrual for points will be based on the competitions we are able to hold, be that Spring State + Fall State or just Fall State points.  (liquid situation).



– We want the teams to stay together.  We will do the video Virtual Nationals in the summer and then that team will ideally go to Nationals together as a team as well as our Regional event for Spring/summer, date to be determined.

– The momentum built up this season should continue; athletes should stay engaged and active as much as possible.  It is good for health, mind and soul!

We will continue our Online classes until we can get back into our facilities and take this one step at a time.  We are dealing with a liquid situation right now with ever changing information and updates.  We are in this together and we are strongest together!


With Spirit,


ACTIVSTARS Cheer Director

Participant Requirements:

Event Date:

Saturday, July 11 & Sunday, July 12


San Antonio, Texas 

at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center



What to Bring:

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

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