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Karate Program Specifics

ACTIVSTARS takes pride in offering the most affordable programs and events in the industry! In fact, our event prices are less than half of the industry standard!


Sparring/Specialty Class

Sparring/Specialty: ACTIVSTARS Instructors may offer his/her specialty weapon, sparring, or other drills during this 30-minute sparring class.  It can vary from location to location. Sparring/Specialty class cost is $3 in addition to the regular lesson fee and is 30 minutes long.

  • Sparring is open to students ranked green and above.

Sparring is safe, light-contact, controlled fighting, which is highly recommended for students advancing in ACTIVSTARS.  Students will learn how to use their techniques in actual self-defense and sports scenarios.  All sparring students are required to have sparring gear.  Special package pricing is available on our website at


Karate Tournaments

Our exciting events motivate our athletes to reach the next level of excellence beyond their regular weekly lessons. Throughout our 30-year history, testimonials have shown how our athletes' lives have forever changed from the improved self-confidence and friendships gained by competing.  We hope to keep this positive tradition going to impact future generations to come.

ACTIVSTARS KARATE TOURNAMENTS: Scheduled during the fall, spring, and summer sessions!  All Karate students are invited to attend and compete in the Karate Tournaments (attendance is optional but recommended) to be held later in the semester.  Participation in the tournaments is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence, and fun!  There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Tournaments. 

 The registration fee is $10 per student; each event is $10 to participate (1 event = $20).  We offer great PACKAGE deals as event incentives and further savings!



Rank Promotion

At the end of each semester, students are evaluated on the techniques and skills they have learned.  Students are advanced in rank according to their test/eval.  The advancement fee is $12.00, plus the class fee.  The fee is for testing only; belts and awards will be awarded free of charge.

BROWN & BLACK BELT TESTING: Any student attending the Brown and Black Belt testing must pass a scheduled Pre-test qualification.  Testing candidates must be accompanied by their Instructor who will guide them through the test.  Candidates will be judged by a series of paneled judges and must pass each panel to earn their brown or black belt.  The brown testing fee is $75.00 and the black belt testing fee is $100.00.


Karate Gear

ACTIVSTARS MERCHANDISE:  ACTIVSTARS merchandise is purchased at wholesale prices, and the savings are passed on to you.  All merchandise is ONLY available for purchase online at or at scheduled events.

Students are encouraged to have a karate uniform (gi), which provides comfort and freedom of movement.  White & Yellow Belts can purchase the beginner Gi priced at $33.00.  Green-Blue Belt students may upgrade their uniforms to the intermediate Gi priced at $55.00.  Advanced students Purple Belts & above may purchase the advanced Gi priced at $55.00. All ACTIVSTARS Gis are quality middleweight uniforms!

Kids benefit in big ways from our programs

"Loved everything about it. Rank promotions are the best way to end a semester and let our child show off her hard work."

"SAFEShield is a great tool for teaching my child how to handle bullies in class and online. It was a great message about the power he had and smarts he could use."

"We couldn’t ask for a better program or instructors. Thank you ActivStars!"