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Additional Programs

ActivStars has a comprehensive set of martial arts programs and classes designed to teach youth the forms and self-defense techniques they need to protect themselves. Our systems and training led to the creation of specific policies that students can apply everywhere they go in life. This page will provide a little more information about these additional programs. For more information, you can contact us directly or reach out to your child’s instructor.



At ActivStars, we recognized that our students needed a specific program to help them understand the way the world has changed, and it’s a big help for their parents too. So, we took existing safety practices and have developed our own unique program called the SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone) Shield.

SAFEShield builds on practices from the A-Z Abduction Prevention Program to teach kids the best methods and skills to protect them from unforeseen dangers. Our techniques including identifying safe or dangerous areas, potentially threatening behaviors, and ways a child can say “no” or ask for assistance.

ActivStars Anti-Bullying Program

To protect our students everywhere, we have also created the ActivStars Anti-Bullying Program.

This program prepares our students mentally by creating the "Mind of a Black Belt." Lessons and instructions effectively teach our students to better prepare and handle a verbal attack from a bully. They learn how to identify these threats, respond, and to be resilient in the face of such challenges.


Stars Beyond the Classroom

Dangers can happen in almost any location, so students must be prepared to respond in and out of the classroom.

ActivStars students are taught awareness habits to keep them safe and secure. This training adapts each semester and your child’s specific instruction will likely include location information as well. We allow students to ask questions and engage with instructors, giving them the specific tools they will need.

Some of the topic areas we cover include:

  • Learning your environment
  • Safety measures and steps to take against drugs
  • Understanding and avoiding gangs
  • Water and fire safety
  • How to respect others who are different
  • Performing well in school under a variety of pressures
  • Why it is important to obey parents
  • And the benefits of being a good citizen

Students will have opportunities to demonstrate knowledge in these areas and earn ribbons for their efforts. Many parents have found these programs to be beneficial for their child’s development, improving social interactions and academic performance.

Kids benefit in big ways from our programs

"Loved everything about it. Rank promotions are the best way to end a semester and let our child show off her hard work."

"SAFEShield is a great tool for teaching my child how to handle bullies in class and online. It was a great message about the power he had and smarts he could use."

"We couldn’t ask for a better program or instructors. Thank you ActivStars!"