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ACTIVSTARS Martial Arts Hoodie w/ Patch

Show your Activstars support with these new Martial Arts hoodies, now including the Activstars Kanji patch, which comes pressed on the garment!

Now available for only $30!

**Patch on hoodie is already discounted and CANNOT be used as part of the “BUY 3 GET 1 FREE” patch promo code: PATCH6. For patch promo code to work, an additional (4) patches will have to be added to cart. Any additional patches purchased, DO NOT come pressed on the garment. Only the Activstars Kanji patch will be pressed on the hoodie.


Sizes Width (IN) Length (IN) Sleeve Center Back (IN)
YS 16.25 21.75 26.5
YM 17.25 23 27.75
YL 18.25 24.5 30.25
AS 19.25 27 33.5
AM 21.25 28 34.5
AL 23.25 29 35.5
XL 25.25 30 36.5
2XL 27.25 31 37.5
3XL 29.25 32 38.5

Warranty: 10 Days


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