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children special needs celebrates sports

ActivStars Supports Children with Special Needs

February 27, 2020

Every child can benefit from the exercise, learning, social connections, and fun that can be found with sports, including children with special needs and unique health concerns. At ActivStars, our mission is to make programs as inclusive as possible. We’re proud to have a fantastic staff and training on Autism…

Get a trophy in winter health and fun

How to Keep Your Child Athlete Healthy This Winter

December 9, 2019

When the temperature drops low, it’s easy for parents and child athletes to want to stay in, snuggle down, and become one with the couch. There’s nothing wrong with a good winter video session every now and then, but staying healthy requires getting up and moving too! To help our…

affordable youth sports fun

Our Mission to Support Affordable Youth Sports

November 14, 2019

Millions of America’s children stopped playing sports in 2019, and the main culprit is a lack of local, affordable youth sports. It’s believed that childhood participation in sports has declined by 8% in the country due to costs that often range in the thousands of dollars per year. Sports are…

winning in youth sporting events

Why Are Youth Sporting Events and Competitions Important?

October 10, 2019

Winning is an essential part of youth sporting events, but it is one among many complementary goals. ActivStars also focuses on the values of knowledge, respect, friendship, learning, and safety. Fun, fitness, and social development come first, but winning can play a role in their impact. The “win” gives everyone…

Houston Stunt Clinic

Bringing Fun Back to Youth Sports

September 18, 2019

Okay parents, here’s a question for you: What made you first playing love youth sports? Whether we’re talking to someone who is 9 or 90, the answer tends to be having fun and making friends. A wide range of studies find that children have always played youth sports for these…

having fun with youth sports

Prioritizing fun in youth sports

August 15, 2019

Helping kids stay safe, learn more, and go farther Every semester we see a growing increase in interest and participation in youth sports programs for kids of all ages. Younger children are starting to look at sports as a way to make friends and have fun. While you and educators…

affordable youth sports fun

Why Is Physical Literacy Important for You and Your Child?

July 11, 2019

Physical literacy is one of the latest buzzwords when it comes to your child’s daily activity. The good news is that it is a terrific way to understand how to keep your child healthy. We love it, and you’ll love it too when you learn a little more about physical…

summer youth programs staff

7 Tips to Stay Safe During Summer Sports and Youth Programs

June 20, 2019

Summer is almost here, and that means fun youth programs, plus plenty of heat, is right around the corner! To keep everyone having an enjoyable time and safe as the weather changes, it’s essential for coaches and parents as well as athletes themselves to be aware of what to do…

managing youth sports competition

Is Competition in Youth Sports a Bad Thing?

May 14, 2019

A core focus of the ActivStars approach to after-school youth sports is that we bring everyone together to learn, play, and grow, without an exclusive focus on score. Children learn and grow in an encouraging environment, and even many of our games and events won’t rank a winner. That naturally…

create a winning team with youth sports

Youth Sports and Your Child: A Winning Combination for a Bright Future

April 19, 2019

A compelling after-school program for your child can help turn aimless hours and screen time into productive, enjoyable learning time that enhances their lives for years to come. We looked at a broad set of research on youth sports plus our kids (and parents) to figure out how ActivStars were…


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